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New mootbot soon

I really need to update this thing more often.

Ubuntu Scribes seem to have hit a bit of a slump, and I really need to start working on Mootbot a bit more. I would like to say that I have been  busy, but I just don’t have the energy to code after I finish work for the day.  Andrew Williams has been working hard on the bot, and has managed to get it set up on a decent server (instead of my laptop). I think we have got enough new features to warrant a “0.1” release – I will write about the new features sometime soon, but first I need to write some documentation (which I hate…)

The activity levels in Ubuntu Scribes seem to have dropped off over the last few weeks, with the number of people in #ubuntu-scribes getting lower and lower. I think that this may be due to a lack of progress with getting people to use Mootbot in their meetings. I am going to try to set up a meeting and get people along to try to revive the enthusiasm there was at the beginning. I will post more details here shortly.

Mootbot code released

After several requests, I have tidied up the MootBot code and released it. It is in the form of an eggdrop script. The code is nowhere near finished, but it has all the basic functionailty that I wanted when I started the project. I hope to have a “proper”, stlightly more stable release in the next week or so – the /devel folder will be updated whenver I make changes, and, as such, is liable to break. Any feedback / ideas about the code would be appreciated.

The code can be found here.

There is essentially no documentation at the moment. If you are familiar with eggdrops, you should know what to do with it, if not, you will have to wait until I get round to writing some documentation in the next couple of weeks.

Ubuntu Scribes (again)

I would like to remind everyone that the first Ubuntu Scribes Team meeting is happening tonight at 2000 UTC in #ubuntu-scribes on freenode. For more information, see this post. If you are at all interested, please come along as we need all the help we can get 😀

Ubuntu Scribes

After chairing an Ubuntu UK meeting on, I discovered that the process of summarising the meeting can be quite a long process. In an attempt to make this job easier, I decided to write a bot to do some of the work for me.

As I have had some experience with Eggdrop bots before, I decided to use the same system for this bot. The bot is now in a reasonably useful state (some example output can be found here). After some pushing and encouragement by LoudMouthMan, I asked around and found someone else interested in trying to sort out the way meetings are logged at the moment. After some discussion we decided to found the Ubuntu Scribes team.

The aim of this team is to provide a central repository of meeting logs and summaries for historical reference. To do this, we need to try and organise all of the previous meetings we can find, which probably wont be an easy task, so if you feel like you would be able to help, please come along to our first team meeting:

2000 UTC on Monday 5th February on, channel #ubuntu-scribes

Also, if anyone is any good with TCL / Eggdrop, please come along; I would quite like some help adding features to the bot 😀